Whole School Photography


Whole School Photography by Focus School Portraits is not only faster, safer and yields a better product than most other School Photography Comapnies - it's conducted totally free*, at no cost to your School or College.


Our team of photographers and digital technicians have developed plans, processes and technology over several years in order to make the process of Whole School Photography easy, while maintaining a high level of quality.


By photographing groups of students at a time, we are able to minimise time out of class significantly and by not using scaffolding, eliminate the risk that comes with traditional Whole School Photographs while still maintaining look of a real group photograph, rather than one that has been composited individually. The photo can be taken at any time of the year and can even be taken indoors or outdoors, with the ability of adding in a different background to suit your School or College.


Prior to your School or College's Whole School Photograph, our team will liase with you and develop a plan to suit everyone and ensure the photography process on the day runs like clockwork.


For more information about our Whole School Photography or to book an appointment to view samples, please contact us


*Conditions Apply. Contact us for details.

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