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School Packages

Focus School Portraits offers a diverse range of competitive and affordable packages for Individual Portraits and Family/Sibling Photographs as well as special extras such as our exclusive School Days Album and our ePhoto option, allowing you to share and print additional copies of your child's school portrait.


Click here to see our range of School Packages.

School Days Album

Our exclusive School Days Album is the perfect way to collect and store your child’s school photos, certificates and achievements all the way from Preschool to Year 12.


Pockets for each year, individually designed around a theme, include space to place photographs, stickers, small artwork as well as details such as class, year and teacher. The generous pockets easily accommodate A4 sized memorabilia and the large wire binding allows the album to expand as the pockets are filled.


Click here for more information on our School Days Album.

8 Page Booklet
Event Photography

The 8 Page Booklet is a fun, affordable memory for your child to remember their current year of schooling.


Click here for more information about our Event Photography.

Our Event Photography will provide a sensational record of your event for your school and students.


With Focus School Portraits, you will be able to enjoy your event knowing that every moment will be fully covered by our team of professional photographers, including an AIPP (Australian Institute of Photography) Master Photographer.


Click here for more information about our Event Photography.

Family Portrait Fundraiser
Student ID Cards

Our Family Portrait Fundraiser is the perfect way to raise money for your school or organisation while providing beautiful family photographs at heavily discounted prices.


Click here to arrange a Family Portrait Fundraiser for your school or community organisation.

Focus School Portraits offers high quality, competitively priced ID Cards at a competitive price.


Our professional photographers can photograph your students at a rate of nearly 1000 per hour (2 photographers), minimising time out of class for students & staff and minimising the impact to the school on the day.


Click here to find out more about our Student ID Cards.

Whole School Photographs

Whole School Photography by Focus School Portraits is not only faster, safer and yields a better product than most other School Photography Comapnies - it's conducted totally free*, at no cost to your School or College.


Our team of photographers and digital technicians have developed plans, processes and technology over several years in order to make the process of Whole School Photography easy, while maintaining a high level of quality.


Click here for more information on our Whole School Photography.

Magazines & General Printing
Promotional Photography

Focus School Portraits offers free Promotional Photography for all of its schools.


Our professional photographers will work to your brief to create photographs for your website & social media, promotional material and school documents.


Click here for more information about our Promotional Photography.

Focus School Portraits works closely with some of the best printers and laboratories in the industry to ensure our schools get the highest quality product at a great price.


We offer a wide range of printing services to help your school save money, while receiving the highest quality printing.


Click here to find our more about our Printing Services.


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